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Don't leave your marketing and sales technology stack behind. 🚀

I have over 5+ years of experience with startups and ad agencies. I'll help you design, architect, and implement a scalable and robust MarOps stack that is as good as you'd expect them to be.

Redkix (acq. Facebook)
2016 - 2018
Head of Marketing and Growth for Redkix - a collaboration app powered by email. Built and directed MarTech for demand gen and performance marketing.
2015 - 2016
Senior Marketing Engineer for Tradeshift - a procurement and supply chain marketplace. Webmaster for all Tradeshift digital assets.
2014 - 2015
Senior Developer for GlobalFluency - a marketing and ad agency. Acted as senior full stack developer for agency clients and related subsidiaries.
Full stack developer, designer, webmaster, and marketing automation; Wordpress, Segment, Autopilot, Salesforce, and Mixpanel.
Redkix Landing Page
Full stack developer, webmaster, and growth systems integration; Wordpress, Segment, Intercom, and Mode Analytics.
Full stack developer, demand gen stack integration; Wordpress, Segment, Smartling, Marketo, Intercom, and Salesforce.

Victor Ramayrat

MarOps & Growth Engineering
"Marketing and sales cannot continue to operate in silos. The key to growth is to make them seamlessly inter-operate."
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